Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day 100 - Sunday (100 DAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!!):
Not really, but wow, 100 days! This morning Finster and I played a little fetch in the yard. Then we hung out on the deck while E and I watched church on webcast in our pajamas, I love technology. Finster does pretty good on the deck, he just sits around and occasionally wanders off for water or peeing.

In the afternoon Erin and Sparkles came over. Finster must have forgotten about the previous times because he was bouncing and barking at Sparky trying to get him to play with him. Sparky didn't like this too much so he ran away. He ran across the road to check out Sedona, Erin took off to get him and Finster followed Erin. When they got back Finster went over to the ditch and rolled in the mud and 3" of water, what a mess he was, but boy did he enjoy that. After I rinsed him off a bit we took the dogs for a nice little walk (route), about a mile. Finster and Sparky walked really well together, they seemed like pals for the whole walk. Likely because Finster was minding his own business for the most part. We need to walk them more together, I think that is the ticket to a successful Finster/Sparkles marrage.

When we got back I gave Finster a bath. I hooked the hose up to the faucet downstairs so that we could use some hot water. He didn't really like the bath and got away twice. When I finished he went nuts, running around rolling in the grass, and jumping around like a fool; I love the post bath puppy.

After the bath we hung out a bit and watched the dogs interact. Finster kept bouncing around like a moron barking at Sparky. Eventually, Erin let Sparks off his leash to try to get him to play with Finster. Finster and Sparky did chase each other around a bit, and it looked like Sparky might have been trying to tolerate Finster. Eventually, Finster annoyed him again because he took off across lots this time. Finster followed him into the neighbor's yard and then stopped. This annoyed me a bit because he didn't stop and come when I told him to come. He wandered around the neighbor's yard for a bit before he came. I think he realized that he did something wrong and didn't want to come back for the consequences. Sparky made it across the road and down about 5 houses. Erin found him peeing in front of 2 big dogs who were chained up, the little sucker likes taunting big dogs :)

When they got back Finster went to his crate and Sparks went to the runner and we played some cards. Eventually, the inlaws showed up and we walked around the yard a bit with the dogs. When we got to the front yard Finster took off across the road to go over to play with a barking Sedona; ignoring my pleas to "come". I guess this settles it, we do need an invisible fence. I need to work on road/doggy etiquette, and the come command. He does great when he wants to. I'm not sure how to practice the rare situations like that though.

When we got to the backyard Sparky was chewing on Finster's bone. Finster got a bit too close and Sparky went after him. Finster went to his back but Sparky didn't give in for a few seconds. After the mauling Finster stayed clear of Sparky for the night.

After the family left E, Finster and I sat on the deck with a chiminea fire while I worked on MSMoney and Finster laid behind the fire, must be a dog thing.


THE KELLOGGS Mon Apr 10, 10:51:00 PM  

Congratulations on 100 days.

Sounds like both Finster and I need to work on the "Come" command. I don't do it well at and when there is distractions, it doesn't work at all.

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