Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day 103 - Wednesday (Free bones):
Today was a pretty long day. We started out with some fetch for a change which went ok.

For lunch we went to the park to play with Oscar again. Ivan gave Finster a nice big rawhide bone just for being a good puppy. Finster feasted on this in the afternoon and enjoyed it until he fell asleep.

After work we went to the store to work on the bookshelves. Before I worked on the shelves I took Finster for a walk around Batavia. He had been in the car for about 2 hours at this point and was ready to get out. After the walk I left Finster in the car while I did the work. After I was done I took him out and tied him to his screw-in doggy holder thingy and went back in to close up the store. As we were closing up I noticed it started pouring. Finster wasn't too happy about being left out in the cold rain. He was soaked. I tossed him in the car and took him home to go to bed.


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