Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day 104 - Thursday (Loop trail):
This morning I found a nice loop trail, all illegal of course. Unfortunately, my area doesn't have high res satellite images so I can't give the route. But, I went through the field and found that it loops back around behind my house. I found the creek that runs through our back yard and followed that back up to our house, sweet! Now, I just have to find out who owns all that land.

For lunch we went to Wegman's with Bill to get some cereal. Then we went to the park for about 30 minutes to play with Oscar. When we got there I let Finster out of the car and off his leash. There were kids on the playground but Finster ignored them while Bill and I ate at the picnic table. Finster went right for the water to get a drink and wade in. Finster and Oscar had a gay ole time romping around the park. Actually, they only played together for like 5 minutes; the rest of the time Finster was eating poop and Oscar was chasing his ball.

After work we went home and enjoyed the deck and fire. Finster was unusually interesting in playing fetch. He kept bringing his ball to me to throw, without any food :)


THE KELLOGGS Sat Apr 15, 10:26:00 PM  

Good for you Finster. Fetching that ball is endless fun. You're catching on.

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