Friday, April 28, 2006

Day 117 - Wednesday (The Sparks):
Today we walked around the woods again. Finster picked up a Mountain Dew bottle, woot.

For lunch we went to the canal park and walked along the canal for a mile or 2. When we got out of the car there were 2 yellow labs walking just ahead of us. Finster pulled and pulled to get up to them. This of course got him further behind because I kept turning around and stopping. It's funny, as soon as we start walking away from where he wants to go he settles down and walks fine. Eventually, they turned around and Finster got to sniff them. When they started jumping around and trying to play we separated.

After work I put Finster in his crate and I went to the store to run it for an hour. Erin came back with us and brought Sparky with her. Finster was his usual standoffish most of the time. Sparky nipped at Finster a few times to continue the effect. A few times Sparky sniffed Finster without being aggressive, which was great! I think they are starting to get better with each other. It's funny how well Finster listens to Sparky. If Sparky tells Finster to lay down on the other side of the room he lays there forever :) I need Sparky to teach me that kind of control!


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