Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day 109 - Tuesday (The dentist):
For lunch today we got to go to the dentist. Finster almost got to come in too, but I left him in the car. My hygentist told me a story about her ex-drug dog. They had a bring your dog in day at the dds office so she brought in her dog. He was great all day until someone came in with drugs in their pockets. The dog flipped out, luckily the dog smelled the drugs in his coat pocket which he wasn't wearing at the time. Drug dogs rule.

Before the dentist appointment we just ran around the park for 30 minutes.

After work we went over to play with Sedona. They played for about 10 minutes when Finster did a split and came out limping. I took him hope after this incident. He worries me a bit, he doesn't seem to have a ton of strength in his legs. Maybe they just aren't matured enough to support his enormous body :) He is still having his dripping problems too, the Proin didn't really do too much for him.


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