Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day 106 - Saturday (Home alone): We woke this morning and took our usual loop walk. Finster now loves laying around outside in the grass. He spent about an hour laying in the grass by the basement door watching the neighbors and their grandkids. He got up to go over there once, but I intercepted him and brought him back.

After lunch we went to the Oatka Creek Fishing park for a little walk. The trail there runs along side the Oatka creek. There were probably 20 people fishing along the .5 mile trail. Finster did pretty crappy on the leash down the trail but did fine on the way back. I took some pictures and Finster played in the creek a bit.

In the afternoon we went to the store for a bit. I left Finster in the car while I hung a few pictures in the Yates Gallery. Eventually, I took Finster out to tie him to his screw-in-the-ground post. He actually enjoyed this because he could stretch out; I should have put him on this when we got there. He slept for a while in the sun on the grass.

After the store we went to Erin's to watch the Sabres beat the Canadians 4-2, woot. Finster got to stay at home in his crate during the game. We got home around 1100 and there were no accidents :) We played for a bit and then went to bed.


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