Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day 105 - Friday (A good one):
Ahh, a nice day off. This morning we did the usual walk around the field and woods. For a change I stopped off at the neighbors to ask permission to walk in their field behind our house. They happened to know the people who own the big field also. They said it would be fine for us to walk in both :) Finster got to meet another new dog, Bruiser. Bruiser is about a 90lbs. 8 year old black lab. The neighbor thinks he has a bad hip because he isn't walking well any more. He didn't seem too spry when Finster was trying to play with him. We also got permission to play in the pond ;)

After the walk I started in on my honeydew list. My first task was to clean the basement. I started off by sweeping. For this I had Finster sit/stay on his rug. He got up about every 2-3 minutes, so I just put him back on his rug. After I finished cleaning up I put Finster in his crate for a little nap while I took on some wow quests. As I was playing I saw Finster running past the window; and then another Finster run past the window, hey wait a minute. It turned out to be 2 random black labs. I went out to see what they were up to. The nice lab came right over to me. I looked for a tag but no luck. Then I got the leash and tied her to a cinderblock in the driveway thinking that the owner would surely be out looking for them. The second lab was a dingbat. She wouldn't get within 20 yards of me, and she barked the whole time.

The lab that was tied up ended up pulling the cinderblock across the yard, so I threw another block on top. She then pulled 2 cinderblocks around. Eventually, I tied her to my car and went about my own business. After a while Finster started barking to get out of his crate. I took him outside to meet the new friends. Neither one really wanted to play with him. Finster did his usual bark/jump routine but neither were very impressed. In the afternoon I changed the oil in the lawn mower and rolled the yard. Finster was a bit scared of the lawn mower at first but then he warmed to it and followed me around the yard while I rolled.

At around 6 the owner finally showed up. He was very thankful for me watching his dogs for the day. The meathead barky dog finally came over to me about 30 minutes before the owner got there so I got to pet her too.

When Erica got home we hung out on the deck and had a nice fire. I played a bit of guitar while we were out there and Finster wasn't a fan. I'm not sure if it was my lack of skill or the guitar noise itself that his sat in the corner of the deck for.


THE KELLOGGS Sun Apr 16, 08:18:00 PM  

I was waiting for you to tell me the black lab pulled your car off the driveway. We labs do have a lot of energy and sometimes very determined.

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