Thursday, April 06, 2006

Day 97 - Thursday (Ahh relief):
At 315 I got up (to my alarm) to go check on Finster. I didn't want him laying in puke (funny word) all night. If anything he looked annoyed at me for waking him. At 7 I got up and went down to play with the pupsk. He was back to his normal bouncy, food devouring, water loving self :) To change things up a bit, and because I read at the store last night in Cesar's way (Cesar Millan's new book) that you shouldn't play fetch with your dog first thing in the morning, instead you should walk them and then feed/play with them. Cesar's a big fan of correctly walking your dog all the time, which is good because Finster and I walk a lot in a day :)

For lunch we went to play with Oscar again. They did their usual frolicking in the park and running through the shallows. They make such a cute couple.

For the 330 walk Finster found a Teenage mutant ninja turtle ball and we played with that for about 10 minutes. He eventually deflated it and then brought it in to chew on. This entertained him for about 30 minutes.

After work we went home to play with Sedona. After about 10 minutes of playing Finster went back to the weeds to make a deposit. He was across Sedona's invisible fence. Sedona backed up and sprinted across the line and tackled Finster. Then the game was on. Sedona enjoys playing "try to catch me" when she's outside the fence. The neighbor or I couldn't convince her to come so we could leash her. She eventually ran across the road to my house for some reason. The neighbor went and got his car and drove to our house to pick her up. The nucklehead jumped right in the car :)

The rest of the night was spent chillin out maxin relaxing.


THE KELLOGGS Thu Apr 06, 08:01:00 PM  

Did Mr. Millan say why you shouldn't play with Finster before walking and feeding him? I'm wondering if playing with him the first thing in the morning encourages him to fuss early because he wants to play and you aren't there to open the door. Playing is more fun than walking and eating even though eating is high on my list.

Interesting, I can post tonight. It's earlier than usual. I'll have to try and post something after 10 PM.

Darrick Fri Apr 07, 08:58:00 AM  

I think because when dogs wake up they have lots of energy (except Finster, the lazy bum) and walking them gets them (in theory) in a calm, submissive state. When they are in this state is when you should play with them, I guess.

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