Saturday, April 01, 2006

Day 92 - Saturday (A bored dog):
Today kind of sucked for the little bugger. I played with him for a while in the morning but then did homework for about an hour. After the homework we went to the dump to take the trash and recycling in, then we went to the store to put together some bookshelves for the used section. When we got there I left Finster in the car while E and I ate some lunch. After lunch I took Finster out for a little walk but realized that I forgot his leash at home. So, we had to go to petmart to get an overpriced leash. Luckily I had a gift certificate from Christmas. After I got the leash we walked around Petmart a bit and then went back to Present Tense. When we got there a customer was in the store so went in and acted like a customer myself for about 10 minutes and then I took Finster out for a nice long stroll around town. As we were walking back the customer was leaving. At this point Finster went to his crate while I struggled with crappy Walmart bookshelves.

After the bookshelves we went to my sisters for one of those parties that usually only girls attend. For some reason, probably because it was a food version of those parties men got invited too. This was ok because, a) it was for my sister and b) there was "free" food there. For this whole party I left Finster in the car. After the party was over I went out and checked on him, he was fine in there. I think he rather enjoys chillin in the car. I took him out so my nieces and nephew could play with him. They always beg me to get him out. Emily especially likes having him do tricks for her. She remembered that he knows "stay" and she was doing the sit, stay, come routine.

After my sister's we went to the inlaws. Finster got to rest in his crate for most of this stay. We watched the Sabres get butchered by the Leafs 7-0. I took Finster out for 2 quick 5 minute walks for the 3 hours we were there. He didn't make a peep in his crate in the garage.

When we got home Finster was quite energetic. He was bouncing off the walls. We played for about an hour and then he tired out and laid down.


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