Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Day 102 - Tuesday (Hanging on my every word):
This morning we went for another nice walk down the road and into a field to look for posted signs for permission to walk in said field. I found some but they didn't have a name on them. On the way back Finster started wandering a bit (off the leash) in the field. I looked where he was headed and there was a deer skeleton laying in the field. I gave him a quick "come" which got ignored so I went and gathered the pup and headed home.

For lunch we went to the King's bend park to play with Oscar. They played a bit in the water again, but didn't do any swimming, just wading. It was a bit amusing. The two of them were playing fetch with us; Oscar would retrieve his huge tennis ball and Finster would retrieve his even bigger basketball. It was weird because Oscar wanted nothing to do with bringing back Finster's basketball, and Finster didn't really want Oscar's tennis ball. They also did the usual biting and wrestling too.

(Title) Before we left work I let Finster out of his crate to leave. While I was getting ready Finster managed to hang himself on my keyboard. He was walking under my desk and the keyboard cord was hanging down. He slid his head in the loop and continued to walk. The keyboard fell off the desk, tightening the loop. Finster flipped out and started yelping. CA and I jumped to his aid, but he was flipping out. In his struggle he managed to sever the cord from the keyboard :) He was fine, but my keyboard didn't make it. It was about time to buy a new one anyways, thank you Finster.

After work we went to the Porter's for game night. They have two big poodles, something Finster has never seen. When we got there the 2 dogs greeted Finster warmly. Finster didn't really know how to take these two sheeplike dogs sniffing him at the same time. He just kind of stood there with his head and tail up acting like he was the man. They kind of wandered around uncomfortably for about 2 minutes while sniffing each other's butts and what-not. Then Jolee (the black female) and Finster started playing. Finster did his usual bounce-n-bark routine to get into it, then he did the biting of the cheek and neck. This is what Finster does when he plays, and I think it confuses the other dogs a bit because this is all Finster seems to know how to do well. They played for about 20-30 minutes before they calmed down and just started walking around the fenced in back yard together.

We left them out there while we ate and they continued to wander, and occasionally play and bark at one another. Then we went down to play some serious video games. We brought Finster down with us but this didn't work out too well. He wanted to be petted by everyone which is difficult when you're trying to get Mario around the track fast. I put him in a crate that Shawn had there. He stayed there for about an hour and then he went outside by himself for a while.

When I was ready to go I went out to get Finster; he was just sitting on the deck by the door waiting to go. He fell asleep as soon as he got in the car, apparently he didn't sleep at all at the Porter's, it was probably to unfamiliar.


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