Sunday, April 23, 2006

Day 112 - Friday (Bad owner):

Today was a pretty interesting day. We did the normal morning walk though. For lunch I LEFT FINSTER IN HIS CRATE, aghast. I went out with the boys to get lunch downtown. We went to Stomboli's which was fantastic. When I got back, Finster was sleeping in his crate. I took him out for a quick 15 minute walk after I ate my lunch. While I was eating I had Finster sit/stay in the back of the office. He did his usual get up every 40 seconds routine.

I ended up working until 7pm because I work working on TortoiseSVN. This is an opensource product and I was adding a few new features to it for my own use, and the other developers in our company. This is a little side project I've been working on for about a year or two.

After work we went home and I did some very exciting homework (read between the lines, or within these parenthesis for sarcasm).

Nothing new going on in the training department. I have recently changed his laydown sign to a raised hand. Ivan said that it is useful in the field to get them to lay down if there is something dangerous (read bear, or big bird) between you and the dog. Lets see if this works.


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