Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Day 96 - Wednesday (Dead worms and pigs ears):
This morning at work I let Finster out of his crate to roam my office a bit. While he was out I gave him a pig's ear to snack on. He seemed to enjoy it, and he nearly finished it. At around 11 I took him out for a little walk. The grass was wet from the rain/snow and there were dead worms on the blacktop. Finster picked out a nice hard one and walked with it for a bit. Then he dropped it and rolled in it (all 1 inch of it). Now I realize that dogs roll in dead stuff to cover their own scent for hunting. So, lets think about this logically. What would you do if you were a rabbit and you smelled a huge worm coming your way. I'm sure you'd be like, holy crap worms must be able to walk now. Nice try Finster. Finster also stopped about 4 times randomly to roll in the wet grass too. By the end of the walk he was soaked, good times.

For lunch we took a walk at the canal park. The canal is still empty, but that was fine.

After lunch Finster moaped around with and upset stomach (due to the pig's ear) and eventually returned his lunch to me. I guess no more pig's ears for him, next time I'll listen to E I guess.

Apparently, Finster was holding some of his lunch back for the car ride home when he (hopefully) finished telling me what he thought of the pig's ear.

We went straight to the store because I had to tend shop while Erica went to some arts meeting. Finster stayed in his crate from 6-830 and I don't think he minded. He remained sick but ran out of chunks to toss. This doesn't mean that he didn't throw up anymore, in fact he made 2 more mucusy yellow oral secretions. Once E got back we closed shop and left. Finster didn't really want to get out of his crate, so it took me a while to get him all the way to the car.

When we got home he went poo and then I put him right in his crate again. He pretty much stayed in there all night. I've read to do this when dogs are sick because they feel most comfortable in their beds, kind of like us humans. I knew he was quite sick because he wouldn't eat any of the food I left out for him.


Anonymous Fri Apr 07, 05:16:00 PM  

You could spare us SOME of the details dear. Especially the ones containing words like "mucous" and "chunks".

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