Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day 99 - Saturday (On the road again):
Today was a busy day. For the morning exercise I took Finster to the Oatka Creek for a walk. We walked for about 2.3 miles, here is our route. If you couldn't tell, I love that tool! After the walk I put him in his crate and played some WOW until around 12.

At around 1 we went to the store to finish putting up the used bookshelves and finish sorting and shelving the used books. I had to run to Walmart, Home Depot and Valu looking for extra shelving. Of course I found it at the last place, Valu. I took Finster out for a little walk around the plaza. I didn't realize that the Tonawanda Creek flowed behind the Valu plaza. Finster went down to get a drink out of it and it drops off pretty quickly. He ended up in water up to his chest; I laughed.

When we got back to the store we did the work and Finster watched from his crate. After the store closed we drove out to my Uncle Steve's 50th birthday party. Finster stayed in the car for about 30 minutes. When I took him out he got humped in every way/position possible by my cousin Ryans 85lbs. chocolate lab (does everyone have a lab). Finster got a bit upset with him a few times while they were playing. I had to break them up a few times, I've never seen Finster go after another dog like that. I was unsure whether he was playing or not. While we ate I tied Finster to the chain in the yard (about a 50 footer). He didn't seem to mind it. He watched us through the sliding glass doors, perfectly contented.

After the party we drove to B+D's house to visit. Finster spent some more time in his crate there. Bill and I took him to the weeds at one point to eliminate. Finster played a bit in their house but he had too much pent up energy, so he spent some more time in the crate. Before we left he gave Ava a big wet kiss on the head; I'm not sure he knew what she was. While we ate nachos I had Finster lay/stay on the little rug that they had in their kitchen. He did pretty good, he would stay for about 3 minutes at a time and then wander off; so I put him right back in the same spot continually until we were done.


THE KELLOGGS Mon Apr 10, 10:46:00 PM  

Love the mapping of your walks. Can I access and use this tool from Goggle or do I need to purchase software?

Darrick Tue Apr 11, 09:16:00 AM  

Nope, it's free... heres the website

to use it zoom in on the area you want to track (probably rochester)
then in the upper left click the "Start Recording" button.
then double click each point into existance.
You can click as many points as you want. When you are done with all your points click the "Save route" link on the left.
This will give you a url for the route that you just mapped in red.

I'm not sure how long the saved url lasts, hopefully forever :)

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