Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day 116 - Tuesday (Walk in the park):
Today Finster let down the environmentalists community. On our walk he picked up a few choice pieces of litter but dropped each one after only a few steps :(.

For lunch we went to the canal park and just walked a bit. When we got there 2 yellow labs got on the trail just ahead of us. Finster was pulling like crazy to catch up to them, but this just got him farther behind because I kept stopping and turning around (looking like an idiot I'm sure) whenever he did so. Eventually, they turned around and he got to sniff them for a few seconds. He wanted to play with them so bad but the canal park isn't really a good place to let your dogs off the leash. One thing I noticed while walking on the trail is a sign that says all dogs need a NYS dog license tag, does anyone know if that's true?

After work Finster got to play with Sedona. He took her over a big plastic dish that he got from our recycling bin. They played tug with that for about 20 minutes, I think they are in love. I need to get them a rope for them to play tug with. The plastic dish was too slippery.

After dinner we totally vegged out. Erica and I read on the couch and I brought Finster up to lay in the entry way on his beanbag chair and blanket. He came out of the entryway (about 3 feet) once but I put him back and he stayed the rest of the night. He kept trying to "accidentally" roll onto the carpet; or nonchalantly put his paws on the carpet. I love how dogs try to push the envelope, so funny.


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