Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day 111 - Thursday (The swim):
This morning we did the loop trail again. Finster found a new pepsi can on the side of the road. It's amazing how much litter gets tossed out of car windows. What is wrong with people?

We had fun for lunch today. We got to the park a few minutes before Oscar so Finster went straight to the pond. He loves drinking the pond water like a hungry hungry hippo. He also went swimming again today, wootage. It was weird, I was throwing in a stick for him to get and there were geese out in the pond. It was almost as if the geese were protecting the stick. They didn't swim away from the stick/dog, but just hung around and honked at Finster. He didn't seem to mind at all. It was great, when he got out of the water he just went nuts running around. I love it when dogs get out of the water and go nuts. When Oscar got there Finster and him played pretty hard. Oscar lost his tennis ball so the two of them fought over the basketball, great fun.

When we got back the office Finster apparently still had a lot of energy. He was very aggressively attacking his back legs from his attack stance (laying on his back). Then he got up and ran sprints around my desk. I was cracking up, so funny. After I had decided he was making too much noise I put him in his crate and he fell asleep instantly.

I had to drag him out of his crate at 4 for our walk. I had a meeting form 5-8pm tonight, wow, I hate those town hall meetings. Finster stayed in his crate most of the time. I took him out at 645 for a quick 1, 2 and then right back in. At 8 we left to go home.

When we got home Finster got to meet the other neighbor dog, a 6 year old Great Dane/Lab mix. Levi is a beautiful dog! He's a gentle giant.


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