Monday, April 24, 2006

Day 114 - Sunday (A patient dog):
This morning we had to be at Erin's apartment at 1030 to move her out. Finster and I got up at 8ish and went for our walk. Finster nabbed a nice milk jug and I got a balloon and a Tops bag. I forgot to mention, Saturday I started Finster on his new dog food, Life's Abundance. This is an all natural dog food, organic food for dogs if you will. There is also no wheat, corn, etc. Supposedly wheat, corn and other grains aren't natural for a dog to eat. I've read in a few places that incontinence could be caused by an allergic reaction to wheats/grains or other non-natural foods. So, what the heck, I'll give it a shot. Stupid me though, on Saturday I switched over cold turkey. Saturday he was fine but on Sunday Finster woke me up barking at 745am, which is unusual these days. I let him out and he pretty much sprinted to the weeds in the back. That dog had diarrhea Trainspotting style. After our walk I tried to feed Finster. I put some of Life's Abundance and the old Purina One in his dish, he just sniffed it and moved out. This is when I really knew he was sick. You're supposed to introduce new food slowing, mixing it in with their old food. I knew this, but for some reason thought it would be fine to just switch cold turkey.

On with the story. So we got to Erin's and started moving. Finster stayed in the car for most of this. I let him out for a 5 minute walk or two and that's about it for the 2+ hours that we were there. Then we went to Erin's new apartment. There Finster stayed in the truck for a little while, then I tied him to the fence next to the truck so he could get some fresh air. He barked for a little while but then calmed down and watched us move. After it was all said and done Finster was either tied up outside (on a 6 foot leash) or strapped in in the car from 1030 until 530. He did get a couple 5-10 minute walks in between though. He was a good sport throughout, probably because he wasn't feeling great. He starting eating around noon. I gave him mostly is old dog food with a little bit of the new stuff.

After we got Erin moved we went to the store to meet my parents to move a bookcase from the upstairs to the downstairs. Finster did get to play with my dad and got to follow us around a bit. We tied him up outside while we moved the bookcase though. After we got it moved we ordered a pizza and ate it upstairs. I brought Finster upstairs to practice his lay/stay while we ate. I put him in the hallway and we ate in the Yates Gallery. I put two chairs in front of him for added measure. He could have easily walked under, through or around them but he stayed in the hallway the whole time. He did try to go under the chairs a few times, but I just corrected him and he stopped. He eventually fell asleep, resting his head on the cross bar :)

Sunday night we relaxed, we were totally beat from moving all day. Finster ate a big dinner which he wolfed down.


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