Monday, April 03, 2006

Day 94 - Monday (Dog days of spring):

Picture is from this weekend that I took at the store.

This morning was a yucky rainy and windy spring morning. Therefore, Finster and I stayed in. We played a bit in the morning and then I was off to work, alone.

Erica got the priviledge of staying home with Finster. Here is one of the IM conversations that we had, I think this was the funniest...

14:18:30) e: I've been leaving the cellar door open and i went in to get the laundry
(14:18:36) e: i went upstairs to fold the clothes
(14:18:47) e: and i kept looking out at the deck to make sure finster was there
(14:18:59) buffyblice: ok
(14:19:10) e: well i checked right before i came downstairs and i didnt see him but i figured he was right up by the door
(14:19:17) e: so i came down and looked but still didnt see him
(14:19:36) e: so i took the laundry basket down and OMG he was right at the top of the stairs
(14:19:48) e: he must have gone in through the cellar door looking for me
(14:19:55) e: i screamed and jumped out of my skin
(14:20:03) e: scared him to death too
(14:20:10) e: then i started cracking up
(14:20:24) buffyblice: lol, what did he do?
(14:20:28) buffyblice: when you screamed :)
(14:20:37) e: jumped
(14:20:43) e: and looked very sheepish
(14:20:48) e: big sad eyes
(14:20:53) e: i just started laughing
(14:20:59) e: and gave him a hug

Funny stuff... Erica, you can fill in more details as you'd like; admit it, if you're reading this you obviously have nothing better to do.

According to Erica, Finster sat at the top of the stairs and watched Erica's version of "The Food Network" while she was making dinner. He actually stood on the top step for the whole episode.
When I got home Finster was pretty happy to see me, he was wagging his whole body. I played with him a bit before dinner and then put him in his crate for dinner.

After dinner I played with him for a few and then did homework for most of the night, pretty boring stuff. The vet called back and said to soak the foot in epsom salts, throw some Neosporin on it and/or rub a tea bag on it to harden up the pad. All is well.


Anonymous Thu Apr 06, 08:53:00 AM  

Finster scaring
Erica was a LOL for me as well.

We love people and don't mean to scare them, but sometimes when we
accidently do, it turns out to be funny for us too. When I woke my
Master up from his nap by giving him a kiss on the face, it startled him,
he didn't laugh, but inside I chuckled.


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