Monday, April 10, 2006

Day 101 - Monday (Windows and tulip bulbs):
This morning Finster and I went for a nice walk, we found a field that's not far away that we walked in. One of these days I'll ask for permission.

Erica had the dog today.

When I got home I had a horrible headache but Finster was still quite excited to see me. I had him sit before I petted him but that took a few seconds to get him to sit. I went in and fixed our windows, the livingroom one was stuck open. While I was doing this Finster got into Erica's garden and dug up an already exposed bulb. E didn't like this very much so Finster got sent to the basement. After I got the window fixed I took Finster out for some garden training. He did pretty well staying out of it.

Also, Finster had some issues with the broom again while Erica was sweeping the garage. I worked with him a bit on this too. This was pretty easy though, I just had him sit/stay while I swept. He barked a few times, but he eventually got the hint that being retarded while the broom is out is not the proper response.

The rest of the night we lounged in front of the chiminea. Finster's spot is directly behind it as close as possible without combusting.


THE KELLOGGS Mon Apr 10, 11:03:00 PM  

I'm lucky that Nancy doesn't do the gardening. If she did, I probably would not be living here today. My first year I did some damage to bushes which was upsetting to my Master, but forgiven. For some reason, I never did any digging in the flower beds or in the yard. I still don't know how to behave when a shovel or broom is being used around me. I go nuts, or as you say, acting retarded

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