Monday, April 03, 2006

Day 93 - Sunday (Ahh, hiking):
This morning we woke up and watched the church we have been going to lately on the internet! Isn't technology great!

After church we all went to Darien Lake State Park for a nice little hike. Finster was in his glory for the first hour of the hike. The weather was a perfect 60ish with a nice little breeze and bright blue, sunny sky. After about 45 minutes Finster started getting tired and whiny. We thought nothing of it and kept hiking. There wasn't a trail map, and we were hoping that the trail we were on looped back around. After about an hour and 15 minutes we turned around. I swear Finster knows when we turn around because he kept going ahead, waiting, then running ahead again. He was quite upset with us for walking so far. About half way back we found a big snapping turtle in the woods. I went in and got some pictures of it while E tried to hold Finster back. He wanted to come in so bad that he dragged Erica into the woods, he is getting too strong. After about 15 shots we were back walking. Finster made sure he walked through every mud puddle and took a drink of water. When we started getting closer to the car Finster started getting further and further ahead. Finally, I called him back with a "come" and put him on the leash in case there were people near the entrance. He was horrible on the leash. He was pulling like a horse. He just wanted to get back to the car and sleep so bad.

When we got back to the car he collapsed and slept the whole way home. He was so tired I had to pick him up to get him in the car.

When we got home Erin came over with the Sparkles. Finster regained some energy and chased Sparky around a bit and barked at him. Sparky ignored most of this nonsense. Eventually Erica built a nice little fire in the chimenea on the deck. Finster kept roaming dangerously close to it while Sparky kept trying to wander off and explore. At one point Finster went into the garage, he loves it in there. I went to check on him and found him licking a nice wound on his right back pad. He has a pretty bad cut on it, which explains the whining during the walk. Actually, I think he got this cut on Friday at the park. I remember seeing blood on his car pad after the park but I just thought it was from his teeth. Now I feel horrible making him walk 5 miles with an injured foot ;( This also explains the increase in whining. I think this might be why he has been whining so much while standing on the top step of the basement stairs. When he does this most of his weight is on his back feet.

As the night wore on Sparky got more and more aggressive towards Finster. Finster was so submissive at the end that he pretty much cowered in the corner whenever Sparky walked near him. Sparks is such a big little bully :) It's good for Finster I suppose, it shows him that he can't play with every dog he encounters and that not every dog will like him.

Finster and Sparks spent some alone time together (Finster in his crate, Sparky on the runner) later in the night while we ate and looked at some pictures.

After Erin and Sparky left we played a bit with Finster and brought him up to watch some Seinfeld, he laid in the entry way on the beanbag chair. He didn't get up once.


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