Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day 61 - (Thursday - Good stays):
This morning Finster woke up 4 minutes early again, now this I can live with :). We did the morning fetch routine and then practiced some more sit/stays. He is getting really good with these. This morning I had him sit/stay and then squeaked his ball and tossed it, threw some food and then ran to the other side of the basement. When I came back he was still sitting on his carpet. I'm running out of ideas. The first time I threw the ball he jumped up to chase it. I put him back down and tried again and he stayed. I'm running out of tricks for this dog :) Any suggestions? He does a full rotation on the roll over now. I still have to work on the "leave it" when food is dropped. He does pretty good with leave it when he's about to pick up something he isn't supposed to, but he still gets food.

For lunch Finster and I went to BestBuy with sis-in-law to get a flashy new digital camera. She ended up with a FujiFilm F460, pretty sweet little bitty. After that we did a little walk around the office park and then back to the crate/office. I gave him his dollar tree rawhide, he loves them. Yesterday he finished one off in about an hour. This one is bigger so it should take longer. He doesn't seem to have any problem digesting them that's for sure.

On our afternoon walk Ed and Chris joined us. Finster dropped another load in front of an office, I think he just enjoys embarrassing me as I pick it up in front of the world to see. Anyways, before I started this walk I came up with a cheesy Finster joke. If you read this blog you may have to put up with these from time to time.
Q: If Finster lived in another country what would it be called?
A: Uri Nation (get it, because of his dripping problem)
Ok, lets forget that happened and move on...

The evening was pretty boring for Finster. After work we went to Batavia to the library book sale. We are going to start carrying used books at the store. So Finster was in the car from 515 to 715 without complaint. Then we went inside and played until dinner. After dinner I sat in the basement and worked on some software for the store for easily entering used books into the store inventory database. Finster, for some reason, found this boring and slept through most of it.


WNYLocals Thu Mar 02, 10:56:00 AM  

Sparky's learning "sit pretty" (beg). Not sure if Finster can do that though; some dogs can't because of their body shape.

Darrick Thu Mar 02, 11:00:00 AM  

Cool, is that where they sit on their back legs and beg with both paws?

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