Monday, March 06, 2006

Day 63 - Saturday (Vet again):
Today we had a vet appointment at 1145 to get Finster's final shot and get some blood work done for the leaking problem. Before the appointment we went to the store to work for a while, well, I worked, Finster watched. We got to the vet on time and then waited until around 1215 in the waiting room. There was another dog in there that Finster barked at a bit. We let them sniff each other a bit too until they wanted to play, then we separated them again. Finster weighed 43 pounds. The vet said that he needs to be fed more, so I upped his portions to 5 cups a day. He said that he gets a lot of exercise so he is burning off the food pretty well. As Finster was falling asleep on the floor he got his 3rd and final vaccination shot and the vet took the blood sample. Finster didn't flinch throughout the whole ordeal. The results came back from the blood test as 2/3s pointing towards a kidney problem but the 3rd test was negative on the kidney problem. The vet is somewhat baffled. He said that Finster's protein level is low but his phosphorus level is high. He said he had to do some more research to see what he can find.

After the vet appointment I dropped Finster off at the store to stay with E for the rest of the day/night as I went to Bristol for some snowboarding.

When I got home Finster was pretty excited to see me, as was E :). The two of them had a gay ole time. The report was that Finster didn't like coming down the stairs at the store, they are quite narrow and slippery for furry paws.


Anonymous Mon Mar 06, 06:19:00 PM  

Well, I'm thinking if you have to keep feeding that Finster more and more you may need another JOB. To support his eating habits...

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