Saturday, March 18, 2006

Day 77 - Friday (The urination ladder):
Finster starting barking again at 630 so I ignored him until 7 when I got up. This ignoring stuff is fun. In the past week I have graduated Finster to the back seat of the car. He was sitting in front until he got comfortable riding in the car. After he was comfortable I didn't want to put him in back because I like petting him while driving. But, he is getting too big for the front seat, and the airbag could hurt him if it deploys.

For lunch we went to the park again. Oscar wasn't there so we just walked to the other side of the pond. There Finster found an old beat up soccer ball. The interior ball was coming out and the threads were showing underneath. We played with this for the whole 40 minutes we were there. I attached it to the leash and swung it around. Loads of fun for both of us.

The afternoon breezed by. Finster slept straight through until 515! So we didn't go on an afternoon walk.

At around 930 Erica and I went to watch some Seinfeld and so I left Finster downstairs. He was into a bone and going at it so I figured he would be occupied for the show. About 1/2 through I noticed Finster was on the stairs. I just ignored him. After he went back down I checked on him and sure enough, he peed on the stairs AGAIN!

After the peeing incident I put Finster in his crate for the night.


THE KELLOGGS Sat Mar 18, 07:45:00 PM  

I think it is so great that you take such good care of Finster. Putting him in the back seat so that he will not get injured if the airbag deploys was so thoughtful of you.

I'm sorry I missed you two at the park. I was there earlier because my little friend from PA was here for a visit. I had to work around their schedule.

I found the old ball at the edge of the pond. I played with it for awhile and then left it hoping you would find it. I'm so glad you had fun with it.

Hoping we can meet in the park next week.

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