Monday, March 20, 2006

Day 80 - Monday (Why would you tear down a playground?):
Finster is doing great with the sleeping. I slept until 705 today and Finster was still laying down when I went down there. It's great! The morning went pretty well. Finster started getting antsy again at around 1030. I took him for a quick walk. He wasn't great on the leash today. He kept stopping to smell the flowers.

At lunch I had to run some errands. I dropped off his laundry and then stopped at Wegman's to get some lunch food. Then we went to the Veterans Memorial Park in henrietta. They are actually tearing down the nice playground there that Finster and I play on! I have no idea why they would tear it down. It's the 4th picture on the park link. At the park Finster and I went for a nice long walk. During the walk I saw another black lab playing fetch with his owner. I went over to them and asked if his dog was good with other dogs. The owner said sure so I let Finster go sniff him. The other dog didn't really like Finster too much. He went after him a bit and told Finster that he rather not play. So Finster and I took a hike.

After lunch Finster slept until 4 when Ron, Ca and I went for a little walk. This went well actually, Finster did great on the leash with other people with us. He used to suck at this.

After work I dropped E's car off at Monroe, it needs some brake work; front pads and rotors. One of these days I'll learn me some car stuff. I also took Finster over to play with Sedona. They went nuts as usual. They were playing keep away with Sedona's orange plastic tube. At one point Finster had it and laid down to chew on it. He wouldn't give it up. Sedona was jumping around him and when she got close he growled at her, it was pretty funny.

One note, I think Finster's teeth are loosening up because when he chews on stuff they bleed. Sedona's owner said that Sedona lost her teeth around 5 months.

The rest of the night E and I played with Finster while listening to the webcast of the crappy sabres game. Such a good night.


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