Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day 75 - Wednesday (Bling bling):
6am this morning and I'm emotionless. At this point I could care less. I just slept through the ordeal and then went back to bed.

The morning went well, Finster slept straight through to 11, then through to 1230. For lunch we went to the Kings bend park for some playing with Oscar. Oscar wasn't available so we walked down to Monroe ave. Actually, here is our route for today. Yep, that is pretty cool, you're right.

We found a cool little path that allows us to walk away from the tracks so that Oscar doesn't have to worry about Finster getting hit by a train. On the way back Finster found a nice dead mouse that he grabbed and started chewing on. I took it away from him as soon as possible.

Finster slept until 330 and then again until 5. All around, it was a pretty cool day. No barking, no problems.

When we got home Sedona was out in the neighbors yard, so we went over to play. Finster and Sedona played for about an hour. They chewed and chased each other, usual dog stuff.

We also got Finster's meds from the vet. We are going to give him some Proin to stop his continence, if that's what the problem is, fingers crossed.

Finster was tired out after his play time so he pretty much relaxed.

Oh ya, the title doesn't really mean anything, I just thought it was a cool title.


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