Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Day 74 - Tuesday (Brr cold):
The temperature dropped today, :(. Finster slept through the night again. I got up at 7 and fed him his egg with some dog food. We played fetch in the basement and then I got bored of that (he's getting too big for fetch in the basement) so we went outside to throw the ball. For breakfast I left Finster off his runner and out of his crate. At one point he was being quiet in the basement so I snuck down and checked on him. He was sitting in front of the table looking up; I think he was trying to decide whether to try his luck at surfing or not. Well, I'm happy to report that he made the right decision and got rewarded with a tasty carrot, his favorite. I love watching his eyes light up when he's munching on one.

Introducing my new thingy for the day: " Interesting article for the day " I'll post an article that I found interesting in my morning readings.

For lunch I had some errands to run. I dropped Finster's shirts, blanket and bed off at the laundromat and then we headed to the park. It was a horrid lunch break! The wind was gusting at probably 50 mph! Finster got nervous a few times but enjoyed chasing stuff that was blowing away. It also started snowing pretty hard; this was a great 30 minutes!

Finster managed to get out 2 barks today :( He barked once in his crate in the morning, and then once outside his crate in the afternoon. This was weird, I let him out because we were going to go for our 330 walk but before we left someone came over for some work stuff. Finster didn't like this too much so he barked; naturally I beat the snot out of him. He's lucky that it wasn't the Korean guy (Jong), he's looking for an excuse to eat Finster. :)

After work we went to PetSmart to pick up some odor neutralizer, and I took Finster in with me. He enjoy this thoroughly! Luckily the floor is nice and slippery so dogs can't get any traction. I dragged him around the store for about 10 minutes and then we left. Loose leash walking went out the door for about 75% of the time, there were just too many distractions to sniff.

When we finally got home we played while E made dinner. Finster was great during dinner; no accidents, no surfing, no interruptions! After dinner I was up and down the stairs between playing with Finster and helping E with the store. At one point Finster was on the top step waiting for me. When I came to the stairs I noticed that he peed on the stairs! Argg. Of course the pee went between the stairs and down onto the boxes below. So I spent 30 minutes picking that up and throwing out the boxes he hit, we needed to throw some out anyways. This is probably due to the fact that Finster drank 1 liter of water in about 45 seconds before dinner. I hooked up his bells on the door again so he can tell me when he has to go out.


THE KELLOGGS Tue Mar 14, 10:58:00 AM  

You're right about the bitter cold. The wind is strong. Dropped by the park at 10 AM. My Master forgot to take his computer with him to the office, so it was a short morning for him. I told you carrots were a good treat. Love them. Finster, I'm proud of you, you were a good dog this morning. I've been doing well myself today.

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