Friday, March 24, 2006

Day 84 - Friday (Kids day):
Today Finster was quite antsy in his crate. By 10 I had to take him outside to go pee. He didn't sleep all morning for some reason.

For lunch we just walked around the office park. Denise was coming in with Ava and Tina brought in Sara, so I wanted to be there for that event. Finster still got in a good 30 minute walk. I did straight leash walking because he needs some practice again. He started out a little rough but then got back into the groove. We walked over to one of the housing complexes next to our office park. Man, talk about cookie cutter houses. These suckers were all 90% the same. They were almost stacked on top of each other. Here is our route for the day (my favorite feature ever, I wonder how long they save the routes for).

After the walk I put Finster in his crate until the party arrived. He quickly fell asleep. After they were there for a while Ron's daughter said she wanted to play with the "puppy". So we went over and got Finster out. The two of them had a blast. Sara would scream every time Finster moved his head. It was quite cute. She fed him food and he sat like 90% of the time.

After a while I put him back in his crate. He slept again until 430 or so. It was great.

When we got home Sedona was out so I took him over to his girlfriend. I walked him over on his leash and then took him off when we got into their yard. Sedona has an invisible fence so she just waited for Finster to get to her. Finster wasted no time, he sprinted right up to her and they started going at it (no, not it it). They played energetically for about 30 minutes. They do this funny thing where Finster chews on Sedona's neck as she is running. Sedona runs with her head cocked back chewing on Finster. I can't believe they haven't run into anything yet besides me. Finster was certainly the dominant dog. At the end he was standing with his head and tail tall and Sedona was licking his face. At one point he was so tired he went to chase Sedona and his front legs gave out on him and he went to the ground. At that point I took him home, mission accomplished.

The rest of the night consisted of lounging and me reading my Bill Bryson book, "the lost continent" in the basement. At around 1030 I went upstairs while Finster was chewing on his new bone. After I was upstairs for about 15 minutes I went down to check on him. Finster apparently likes books too because he was eating my Bill Bryson book. I simply stood over him and stared him down; I think he got the point. I hate to discourage reading, but he shouldn't take the phrase "devouring books" literally.

After this I went back upstairs and then realized it was 11 so I put Finster to bed.


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