Saturday, March 25, 2006

Day 85 - Saturday (Weekends Fly):
Today Finster and I stayed home and chilled. In the morning we went over to see the neighbor's old 15 year old blind and deaf dog. This dog is actually still in good shape for a 15 year old. She can still walk, which is quite an accomplishment. Finster was quite the gentleman with her. I think he knew she was old. He tried to get her to play but didn't force it. He jumped around her a bit and barked but didn't jump on her.

Finster also discovered the wonderful world of bugs today. He was introduced to his first fly! This was quite the spectacle. The best part was him barking at the fly, how retarded did that look. He eventually got the courage up to eat the little bugger, the fly didn't look that healthy anyways.

In the afternoon Finster and I went to the library to get the 5th Harry Potter book. I'm on the 4th now and it's the best one yet! After the library we walked around town, mainly to work on the leash walking. Finster also found a mini football that we played fetch with.

After the park we went home. As we were pulling in the driveway Don and Sedona were walking by. They waited as Finster and I got out of the car. Don asked if we wanted to walk with them and we did. This was quite a challenge. Finster was trying to show off for his girlfriend or something because he was pulling like a bull moose about 60% of the time. We walked for about 3/4 of a mile and then let them make out at the neighbors house. They did their usual love dance until Finster could barely stand.

At 4ish I went to the store to go do some shopping. I left Finster in his crate because I didn't think it would take too long. We went to "the store that must not be named" and bought a bunch of stuff for the expansion into the upstairs. We are adding used books to the store in one of the upstairs rooms, and making a meeting room in another room. After we put all the stuff we bought into the store we went to leave and Erica's car wouldn't start. It wouldn't even make a noise when she turned the key. I tried jumping it but no luck, it didn't help at all actually. After a call to the parents I tried jostling the terminals in case there was a bad connection. Well there was, except the bad connection was the post corroding right off the battery. So, I called AAA to get it towed. They came and messed around with the battery while I tried starting again. Well it fired right up as the AAA guy held the battery post on, brave man. I drove it to AutoZone and they installed a new battery for me for free :). We didn't get home until 740, so Finster was in his crate for 4 hours and there were no accidents! He did have to pee like a thoroughbred race horse though.

The rest of the evening was spent playing with Finster, reading and working on the store website.

The new command that I'm trying to teach Finster is "stop". This is supposed to allow me to stop him as he is about to run into the road.


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