Saturday, March 18, 2006

Day 78 - Saturday (the suck):
Today sucked for the both of us. I let Finster out at 7 and then went back to bed until 830. Then we played until around 10. Then I had to go into work :( Finster went with me, of course. I left him out of his crate for a decent chunk of the time. He slept for most of the time. I wasn't able to take him for any long walks because I was busy the whole time. I ended up leaving at 5! We went home and the straight to the store to paint (Erica did the painting, I watched). At the store Finster and I walked to Wendy's to get some grub. Finster sat on the entrance rug the whole time that we ate. He came up twice, but that's not bad for the 10 minutes that it took us to eat, and the fact that he didn't get much exercise today.

After dinner we went upstairs and Finster went to his crate for a while.

When we went home we played with Finster for the night and let him run loose in the basement.


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