Monday, March 06, 2006

Day 64 - Sunday (Crated):
Today was a busy day for us humans. We had plans to go to Rochester for a brunch party with Bill -n- Denise for a pre-birthing feast at 2. We also planned on doing a bit of shoe shopping before hand. So we left at 1230. The morning was spent tiring Finster out so that he slept in his crate from 1230-430. We did the usual morning fetch and then I took him over to Sedona's house (the neighbor's dog). Sedona is a big chocolate lab that has uber energy. She chews whole trees down and runs and barks constantly. The first time I took Finster over there he was a bit small and she trampled him. This time was somewhat different. They played for a while chasing each other, barking and biting each other and wrestling. Finster eventually got bored and just wanted to sniff around their house and bushes and such. Sedona followed him around barking at him. Every 2 minutes Finster would get sick of her yapping and chase her for a while. It was pretty funny, she wanted to play more because of all of her energy, but Finster was ready to collapse :). After about 45 minutes of playing I brought him back over. I put him on the runner while I showered. He fell asleep immediately. Before we left I crated him.

The brunch was great! We got back around 430 and Finster was fine, no accidents in his crate. I took him pee and then back in the car to go to the store. Finster went back into his crate while E and I worked on the "Yates" room until around 545. Then we left to go to the church play at 7. I dropped Finster off at my parents house to play with their dogs. At this point he was ready to play again after being crated from 12-6ish :) Mom, do you want to report here?

When we got back from the play/visiting with in-laws at 10pm Finster was terrorizing Tilly and getting attacked by little Fred. It's quite a funny relationship they have. My mom left Finster out to play the whole time so he got some good play time in there. My mom said that he ate a bunch of Fred's food so I was a bit nervous. He digested it fine so all is well. We got home after 11 and he went to his crate for the night.


Anonymous Mon Mar 06, 06:30:00 PM  

Finster was fine here, no accidents. I am concerned about him selfasteam as Ferd got right after him, Fred is a Miniture Fox Terrier. He, weighs in at 9 lbs. He is big for his size. lol. Finster crashed on the floor and slep alot. He did get some play time in as he and Tilly played some Tilly is a Boston Terrier and wieghs about 18 lbs.
They ran after each other and behind the love seat Finster is getting a little big for that. He almost moves the seat.. I guess a good time was had by all..

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