Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day 82 - Wednesday (The carry):
Skip to lunch... For lunch we went to the park to play with Oscar. They had a pretty good time again! I think the romance is dying off though. For about 25% of the time Finster was eating goose poop while Oscar was chasing the tennis ball we were throwing. They wrestled for a while though. Check out more scoop on the event at Oscar's blog. It was flippin' cold out there with the wind.

Finster has become a high quality litter-picker-upper. He loves picking up trash. Whenever he does I tell him to "carry" and we walk to a trash can and toss it out. We might as well help out the environment in the process. After work I gave Finster my lunch bag to "carry" out to the car for me and he pulled it off without a hitch! I was quite the proud papa, and CA was quite the proud uncle.

After work we went to the store to fix some lights. Finster followed me around and kept his teeth off pretty much everything. He is getting really good in the store. It's funny, when we go upstairs he always stops at the top step because he thinks he isn't allowed up like at home. Must be he thinks the top stair is as far as he can go everywhere. At one point I put him on the carpet in a sit stay and he stayed there for about 10 minutes while I fixed a candle light.

We also walked over to the accountant to pick up our taxes. I took Finster in and the receptionist commented 'he's a well mannered dog' because he wasn't jumping up on her. Just as she finished saying that, he jumped up :) ahh well, but I guess it was only once.

When we got home Finster fell asleep on his blanket and I played a little WOW.


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