Sunday, March 26, 2006

Day 86 - Sunday (The deadly carry):
This morning Finster woke at 8 (a record 9 hours of sleep). I let him out and then went back to bed :). When I finally got my lazy butt out of bed we played outside for a while. When we were done I had Finster "carry" his Frisbee back into the house. I never thought about it, but when he is carrying the Frisbee he can't see where he is going :) Therefore, he missed the last step (or 2) and did a nose dive. This was pretty funny, mainly because he didn't hurt himself.

Today was quite a busy day...

At 11 we went to Clarissa's Country Cupboard, a store in Byron to check out some fixtures that they were selling for the store. They didn't have anything in our price range (cheap as free) so we left with a few dollars worth of candles.

From there we went to my inlaw's for some lunch. I put Finster on his leash and tied him to a screw in stake that I bought. This didn't go over too well, he barked pretty much nonstop. After about 15 minutes of barking I went out and put him in his crate. Funny how he prefers being in a 30" x 50" box to being outdoors with about a 6' diameter circle to run in. Once he was in his crate he was fine. He started barking again when Erin showed up with Sparky.

After lunch we went outside for a walk with Finster, Sparky, and the family. There were no fights or outlashes this time. Sparky maintained a tolerable distance from Finster by running away whenever Finster annoyed him. Finster would follow like an annoying young brother that just won't go away.

After the walk we went to Grandma's and Finster got crated. After Grandma's I took Finster out and walked around with Erin and Sparky. Finster was following Sparks around again and Sparky took off across the field back to Grandma's house. Finster didn't follow for too long because he came running back alone. Erin, Finster and I went looking for Sparky who ended up down by Grandma's neighbors house.

Then we went to my sister's house to get my hair cut. When we got there the first words out of the kid's mouths was "where's Finster?" So I got him out of the car. From that moment on, for another 2 hours Finster and Cocoa fought and played with each other. I didn't think Finster had it in him to go for 2 hours! They would play for about 20 minutes and then chill for 5, then play for 20, chill for 5... It was quite the spectacle. Finster ended up losing another tooth playing with Cocoa and I actually found it (yes, I kept it). He has lost both of his bottom I teeth, he looks like an old man. By the end, neither one of them could walk straight, it was great!

From 630 to 8 Finster was in the car sleeping as Erich and I went to a little party for my aunt.

When we got home we lounged around in pajamas and Finster chewed on a few bones lazily. Finster was being so lazy at one point he decided to pee on his blanket instead of go to the door. He got a bit of an earfull for that one. It's weird, he has pee'd on his blanket before. He scratches at the blanket and when he does that it means one of two things. 1.) I'm about to pee on this blanket 2.) I'm making this blanket more agreeable for sleeping on. In this occasion it was 1 :(

Here is my link for the day, global warming is really scaring me lately.


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