Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Day 66 - Tuesday (Table surfing pays off):
I was waiting for this day to happen. Finster woke me up at 645 (only 10 minutes early). I took him out and played with him for the usual 30 minutes. Then I went and ate breakfast. When I finished my breakfast I put him on his runner and showered. The vet said I could give him 2 liters of water now so I gave him more water than usual. Before I started brushing my teeth Finster started barking. So, I went down and let him out, but no pee, that jerk. So I tied him back up and went back up to finish the grooming. Finster continued to bark. Eventually he stopped, which I thought meant he just gave up. When I went down to get his stuff together and leave I saw him having a field day with the remaining portion of today's food, an additional 2 cups. So this morning he got 5 cups of food instead of the normal 3 cups, fatty. So he waddled outside and into the car. Today should be interesting, I wonder if he can hold all that food down.

Well today has been interesting so far. At around 10 Finster started getting whiny again. I presume from all the food he ate this morning. I wasn't in my office for the first bark that I heard. He managed to get 2 off before I made it back to my office. He settled down for a few minutes then I took him out at 1015 for his morning stroll. He was totally bluffing, he didn't pooh at all. He got put back in his crate when we got back at 1030. Then he started whining again at around 1130. I took him out at around 1145 to play with Chris and Ed. At noon we went to the park.

At the park Finster got to play with Oscar again! This time neither of them had leashes on. They had a blast tiring each other out. They were going at each other pretty hard. Finster was trying to bite Oscar's neck and Oscar was trying to hump Finster. It was all fun and games until Oscar got tired out and laid on his back. Finster didn't have enough so he kept at it, at which point Oscar started growling a bit to get Finster off. At this sign I pulled Finster off and we calmed both dogs down so that no one got their feelings hurt. After the playing Finster finally dropped the monster load that was his huge breakfast. Maybe I'll post pictures tonight of this joyous event.

I was lazy tonight so I didn't post any new pictures. Finster did however get his bath. What a mess he was. He can accumulate a lot of dirt and junk in a month. Now he is all shiny and smells good. He didn't fuss at all but he is getting too big for the sink downstairs; summer can't come fast enough with some hose baths. After the bath he had tons of energy and bounced everywhere, killing his duck and attacking his rope.

He actually went to his crate at 1030, apparently he was ready for bed. I put him in and went to play some WOW!


Anonymous Tue Mar 07, 01:56:00 PM  

Darrick, Found your blog or should I say, Finster's Blog? I'll be looking for the picture of the "black and white pals" playing at the park. I read how you took Finster to Monroe Muffler and how he slept. Oscar never slept when he was around people when he was Finster's age. Later.

Darrick Tue Mar 07, 03:17:00 PM  

The sleeping only came after walking for about 3 miles. Otherwise there would have been no chance :)

Anonymous Tue Mar 07, 05:05:00 PM  

Well, you left us hanging did the dog ever pooh???

Darrick Tue Mar 07, 05:08:00 PM  

Yep, Finster dropped a monster load for lunch after playing with Oscar, thanks Oscar, you're a life saver.

Anonymous Tue Mar 07, 09:11:00 PM  

I had fun helping Finster out with his, shall we say, domestic duty. It was the least I could do. I'm tired out, sleeping in front of the fireplace now.

WNYLocals Wed Mar 08, 01:12:00 PM  

Don't know what it is about baths, but Sparky is the same way. He hates taking them but gets insanely hyper when they are over. Weird.

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