Thursday, March 30, 2006

Day 89 - Wednesday (Rabbit guts):
Finster is starting to get bored with the morning game of fetch. He played today for about 10 minutes and then just stopped getting the ball. I guess I should switch it up a little bit so he doesn't get bored with the schedule.

For lunch we went to the Kings bend park. We basically just walked around for an hour. We went up by the power station and there was a bunch of rabbit fur and guts on one of the tree stumps. I let Finster sniff the fur until I noticed that there were still body bits in there. I dragged him away and continued walking. While we were out I saw a mockingbird on a tree. This little guy got Finster's (and my) attention and we listened to it switch up the song for about 5 minutes, ahh, spring. The nice weather brought out tons of stay-at-home moms with there toddlers. Finster gawked at all the kiddy commotion. He doesn't have much interest in playing with them, he just wants to watch them.

At 4 the boys, Finster and I took our first spring walk. Before we went out we went to the other 1/2 of our office to check out the construction. Apparently Finster really had to go (he drank a ton of pond water for lunch) because he started peeing on the floor! Luckily they hadn't laid any carpet yet. I took him out to pee and then cleaned it up. Finster did great on the leash. I even let him go for a while and he just followed us.

After work I ran with him outside for about 15 minutes and then we went to the sis-in-laws birthday party and Finster went to his crate from 630 to 1015.

The party was cool, Sabres won and Sparky only bit 2 people the whole night :) Somehow Butch alluded his bite, probably because he was all makey outy with him all night.

Finster made it without any accidents, but he was happy to see us. We played with him until 1115 and then I went to bed, woot.


WNYLocals Thu Mar 30, 01:43:00 PM  

He didn't bite 2 people!! Just one!

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