Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day 83 - Thursday (Jennifer Donnelly):
This morning was great except for the lack of milk, and therefore the lack of a finely tuned balanced breakfast consisting of cereal ornamented with a fine, almost ripe, banana, and drowned in ice cold 1% milk. The morning consisted of playing with Finster for 30 minutes outside, and a 10 minute walk at 1030.

For lunch my black pal and I went to the canal park for a stroll along the bank of the Erie Canal. Here is our route, it looks like we walked about 2 miles for lunch. Throughout the walk I did some leash training, and some no-leash walking. Finster is great off the leash, he only lets me get around 20 feet ahead of him before he stops sniffing and runs to catch up. He's great about staying with me. He didn't do too great on the leash this time though. He kept running ahead. When he gets to the end of the slack in the leash I give him a tug and say heel. If he doesn't slow down I completely stop for about 5 seconds. Then start walking again. This usually works well, but today we went through this routine about 20 times.

After the long walk Finster was quite tired out, he slept the whole afternoon until around 5. I let him out of his crate and to the bathroom at 5, after which, he wandered around my office sniffing stuff.

After work we went to the Richmond Memorial Library, in Batavia, for the Jennifer Donnelly book signing. We were there from 7-(almost)9. Finster got to sit in the car for this. He likely slept the time away.

When we got home he was energetic and ready to play. We played with him until bedtime around 1130.

Nothing new any exciting in the training/tricks department.


THE KELLOGGS Fri Mar 24, 11:38:00 PM  


If I read your route along the Erie correctly, it would be under the bridge that I ventured the first time into water. Getting down into the water from the rocks was somewhat difficult. I was less than a year old. My Master almost fell in with me. He was afraid to let me off my leash so he climbed down the rocks with me. Of course the canal was full at the time.

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