Sunday, March 12, 2006

Day 72 - Sunday (2 pals):
Today was a good doggy day. The morning was pretty typical. Finster slept until 730 again, and then back to sleep until 930. Then we played and such until 12 when we went to the in-laws.

Finster got crated in the garage while we ate lunch and go out around 115. Then we went to the neighbors to play with Sadie, their English Shepard 4.5 month old puppy. (Pictures to come) Man, those two exhausted each other. It was great! They tackled, chewed, growled, barked, urinated, rolled and bled together for about an hour. (Sadie's teeth were bleeding after a while, don't know why). After this doggy party we tore them apart and went to my nieces birthday party.

At the party Finster stayed in his crate for about and hour or so. Then we took him out to play with Cocoa, his aunt. This wasn't as spirited because Finster was still pretty tired out from Sadie. He was still going after her though. Cocoa had tons of energy because she had been crated for a bunch longer.

Finster slept on the ride home :) When we got home Erica had the great idea to get out the chiminea! So we had a nice fire on our deck! Finster enjoyed the fire; he chewed on a rawhide for a while and then crashed. He, like his mama, loves the fire :)

After the fire we went inside and watched The march of the penguins. Finster got to join us on the entry way linoleum again. He only put his paws on the carpet once this time! He's a quick learner. I gave him a chew-eez, so he was busy with that most of the time. He also slept for a while.


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