Monday, March 06, 2006

Day 65 - Monday (Back to work, the bark that echoed through time):
Well maybe the title is a little dramatic. Finster came to work with me as E had to run a bunch of errands for the store. The morning was very typical until around 10. At 950 I took Finster out real quick for a pee because I had a meeting from 10-12. Finster started getting antsy at around 1015 for some reason. He was whining and pacing in his crate. My boss was also in on the meeting via conference call (thank God for mute). After about 15 minutes of pacing and whining Finster let out a nice loud bark :(. So I took him out and beat the snot out of him... Just kidding. I actually just told him no and he calmed down. Luckily the meeting only lasted until around 1045, phew. I took him out and he did actually have to pooh, so at least he had a reason for whining. After he walked a bit he went back in and slept until 1220.

For lunch I went to the laundromat to do some of the dogs laundry. His urine ridden bedding isn't allowed in our washing machine. After I dropped of the pee we went to a new park with a big play ground. We played in that for about 15 minutes and then two ladies came over with their little dog. One of them happened to work with dogs and horses; she knew a ton about nutrition. She recommended using Wayne's Nutro dog food, or the cheapest food you can find with the least amount of corn in it. Corn should be at most the 5th ingredient in the mix. Corn is a huge source of energy, so if you have a hyperactive dog then look for low corn food. She said that Finster had a great temperament, so I probably wouldn't notice much of a difference. It's something that I will certainly look into though. Finster played with their dog and drank from a puddle for the whole 30 minute conversation. They had a little 10 year old something or other (smallish dog). Finster followed that dog around the whole time. It was quite cute. He barked and jumped in circles around the little dog trying to get it to play, but the little guy just ignored Finster. Finster still had a good time though.

Good afternoon.

Once home the schedule went as planned. We played until dinner. I gave Finster the rest of his food and about a 1/2 liter of water. Then we got a phone call from Bill saying that it's ok to come up to Rochester to see the new baby. So we crated Finster, fingers crossed because I knew he would have to hold it after drinking all that water.

The baby was a little cuty!

When we got home Finster messed his crate up. Pee everywhere, poor little guy didn't make it. I cleaned him up and played with him for a while more so that he got some enjoyment out of the night.


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