Monday, March 20, 2006

Day 79 - Sunday (The day in the car):
This morning we went to The Father's House church with Erin and Finster. Well, Finster stayed in the car. This church is pretty cool, and I think we've finally found a nice alternative church. The morning (pre-church) was spent playing with Finster and cleaning out mine and Erica's car in preparation for the Rochester Library book sale. On the way to church Finster enjoyed playing in the back seat with his aunt Erin. He enjoys having some company in the back seat.

After church we went to the Rochester Library for the book sale. We are buying lots of books for our book store in preparation of opening a used book section. Finster sat patiently in the car for the hour and a half that we were in there. When we got back I took Finster out for a quick walk/pee.

After the sale we went to B+Ds house to see the baby. Finster spent some time in the crate and out while we were there. He didn't really pay much attention to the baby except when she cried. Finster enjoyed playing with the door stop. He growled and barked at that thing until it relented. I was also able to capture him on video doing my favorite thing; getting his back leg while laying on his back. I'll be posting those videos eventually.

After we left b+ds we just went home a chilled out.


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