Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Day 81 - Tuesday (Finster unleashed):

Here's the new videos that I uploaded:
Finster Vs. Cordless drill
Finster hikes his food bowl

Today I forgot to bring Finster's leash to work, I'll get back to that later. This morning was chilly outside but I went outside to play fetch with Finster anyways. On the way to the car to go to work I gave Finster his first real "carry" task. I gave him my winter hat to carry for me. He pulled it off flawlessly! No killing and he dropped it on command, it was so cool. When we got to work I had him carry the hat in to work for me, and again he pulled it off. I think he actually enjoys it too, he walks with purpose like he is finally earning his keep. It's also nice because it keeps him occupied, when he has something in his mouth he just follows me, he doesn't sniff or get distracted.

At around 11 I took Finster out to pee quick, because I didn't have his leash we didn't go for a walk.

At 1230 we went to the park to play with Oscar. He was there and the two had a blast playing together. I found a basketball and they both took turns carrying it around. They also did some fetching and some water drinking, Finster's favorite pastime.

Finster was nice and tired out so he slept until around 430. I took him outside to pee again and did a quick little (leashless) walk behind the buildings.

After work, I had Finster carry my hat out to the car for me. I started out with my lunch bag but that was too much temptation for him. He attacked it was much vigor :)

When we got home Sedona was outside barking at us. I went up and got the mail and had Finster sit/stay in the driveway. He didn't move! It was great. I could tell that he wanted to go play with Sedona but he resisted somehow; he obviously didn't want to go that bad.

The evening was quite slow. Finster slept a bunch while E and I did some store stuff and other crap.

I think I'm going to go play with the puppy now actually...


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