Friday, March 31, 2006

Day 90 - Thursday (On/Off):
Finster's stop command is coming along well. I am also starting to train him to only come onto the deck or off the deck on command. So, the way that works is I will walk on to the deck and not let him up until I say "On". If I am leaving the deck he has to stay on it until I say "Off". I don't want him to think he has free reign of the deck. Not sure if this will come in handy or not, maybe for a party or something.

Today for lunch Finster and I went to the park to play with Oscar. They romped around a bit, and went into the water a bit. Finster still hasn't tried swimming yet. He goes up to his chest and then stops. He seems to enjoy going in though, to get a drink he goes in a bit instead of just staying on the shore. A few times Finster got annoyed with Oscar because Oscar was just too fast for him. He barked at him a few times out of frustration, which didn't do too much for him.

In the afternoon the boys went for a walk with us. Finster was lagging behind, the lazy bum. He is probably the laziest dog/puppy I've ever seen. He managed to poop in front of an office again, which sucked this time because I didn't have any bags. I just picked it up with my bare hand and took it to the trash (lol, just kidding, I'm not that crazy). I actually just left it until after work when I went back with the proper equipment.

After the walk I went to my new office and painted until 630. I left Finster alone in our old office for 3 hours and he was fine, likely just slept the whole time.

After work we just hung out in the basement. Nothing too exciting.


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