Sunday, March 12, 2006

Day 71 - Saturday (The poor puppy):
This morning Finster had another good sleep day. He slept until 730 when I went down to let him out. The he went back in his crate until 9 so I could get some more sleep. At 9 I took him out and played with him. We did the usual fetch with trick reviewing. We did all of our playing outside because the weather was so nice. There were blue birds fighting and birds chirping, it was great! While I was eating breakfast I put Finster on the runner. He was being too quiet so I went down to check on him. He was standing an a chair and getting at stuff on the table. This has gone beyond surfing, this is more like skiing (I'm sorry, that's the best I could do). The funny thing is that he didn't jump down when I came down the stairs. Maybe he doesn't know it's bad yet. I gave him a bunch of water bottle sprays to the face which got his attention fast, maybe now he knows.

The vet called back and told me that he wants to try to get Finster's protein levels up. For this I have to start giving him raw egg whites with his dog food, yummy. He also wants to try out some Pro-en which tightens up his urethra which might stop his dripping problem. They still aren't sure what is causing it. We are going to go in for another blood test in 3 weeks.

After lunch we went over to the store. There were customers there so we went for a walk around the town again. We walked for about 45 minutes and then back to the store. I had Finster lay/stay while E and I ate some lunch. Then we went upstairs to do some more work. I left Finster out of his crate until he pee'd on the carpet (that we were tearing out) then I took him outside and crated him. I'm not sure why he did this, I suppose this means he isn't totally house trained yet. I think part of the problem is that he doesn't really know what door to stand next to to get out.

Finster was in his crate, except for a few quick pee breaks, until 6. Then we took him to my parents house where he sat in his crate from 7-9 as we went to a comedy show at my parents church. When we got back I let him and my parents dogs out. They played a bit but the other dogs are still reserved around Finster. Eventually my parents got home with my nieces.

Bri and Em love playing with Finster. I think it amazes them that he listens to their commands. I let them feed him as he went through their commands. They were doing sit, shake, lay down and roll over. I also had them do sit/stay, which Finster obeyed. They loved telling him to "come" after he was doing the sit/stay. He gets so excited when released. At around 1030 we went home.


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